Free up your warehouse space

The speed of change of fashion and technology means stock that doesn’t sell can rapidly become a financial burden and can clog up valuable warehouse space.

There are of course traditional means of coping with problem stock. For example, discounting heavily where you run the risk of damaging your brand.

We  are dedicated close out and volume purchasing specialists. We understand the pressure manufacturers and retailers face to maximize the use of warehouse space. That’s why we make instant and realistic decisions to purchase your problem stock.

We have the scale and infrastructure to fulfil the needs of any business large or small.

Brand Protection

Discretion and confidentiality is assured.

In today’s fast-moving and brand sensitive world, this maxim has never been more relevant. The working methodologies ensure that your brand and ongoing customer relationships are protected.

Stock In Trade International  take pride in the way we operate. From how we present ourselves to your organisation, how we deal with the physical transfer of merchandise and how we dispose of products to remote or less competitive market places, a professional approach is at the very core of the business model.

Need to be certain this will be hassle free

We have been working with some of the world’s most prominent brands for nearly four decades. The entire organisation is geared towards disposing of stock in an efficient and discreet manner.

With a dedicated customer service team and the largest buying team in Europe, staff are fully aware of the need for confidentiality, speed and quality of service.

Stock in Trade International  are not brokers. We make immediate decisions and buy stock on our own account. The physical infrastructure of our organisation and sophisticated stock management systems helps to make the purchase and handling of your stock as simple and straightforward as possible

Stock or cash flow problems  

we understand that manufacturing or distributing products for the retail sector means difficult strategic decisions for retail suppliers at nearly every turn.

From choosing the right products, to determining the correct volume, analysing trends and ensuring stock is available when it needs to be, your business is complex and fraught with risk.

To add to the difficulty of the situation, an unstable economy and increasingly disloyal consumer audience means decision making is harder than ever.

When excess or redundant stock makes you feel vulnerable, we can help.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in excess stock purchasing and stock clearance, we are the market leaders and have gained the respect of customers and suppliers around the world through our continuing commitment to exceptional service.