At Stock-In-Trade International, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and reliable purchasing service for mail order surplus stock.

We understand that many mail order companies that sell goods online through their own ecommerce websites or the eBay or Amazon marketplaces may from time to time be left with an abundance of mail order surplus stock. We also understand that this surplus stock can not only take up valuable room but can be a drain on cash flow.

Stock-In-Trade International work closely with 100’s of mail order companies throughout the UK to help them ‘move on’ of their excess stock, if you are one of these companies who is carrying mail order surplus stock call us today to arrange a site visit, we will review your stock and offer a reasonable price based on the market value of your products.

We can arrange speedy payment and uplift of your goods to free up valuable pallet space within your warehouse.

If you’re a mail order company with supplies stock call us today or simply fill in our contact form here